Nevada · Spiral

Calico Basin near Las Vegas, NV

Last year, we visited my cousin in Las Vegas and I fell in love with the desert. I’d never seen a desert before and I was stunned.

We hiked in the Red Rocks Conservation area a couple of times. When we parked at the Kraft Mountain parking lot, we walked right past a labyrinth as we headed to the trail.

It’s huge. And dusty. And a little overgrown, in spite of being in the desert.  But, still manageable.

It’s a spiral and it got a little crowded on one side.  But, sometimes life gets crowded and a little lopsided.  So, it still works for me.

Chartres · South Carolina

Mepkin Abbey – Moncks Corner, SC

Without the sign by the road, you might not notice the labyrinth at Mepkin Abbey. It’s a 7-circuit Chartres style made of South Carolina prairie plants with a mown grass path.


The plants that make the lines of the labyrinth had been burned in that Southern Fall tradition. But, they have been maintained in that fashion for so long that the grass path is very clear and easy to walk.


There are seats in the center as well as benches on the outside.  The monks keep bees and I noticed two pairs of hives passed the live oaks.


The Abbey asks that you stop at the visitors’ center/gift shop to check in before walking.