Chartres · North Carolina

St. Mark’s Methodist Church – Belmont, NC

This labyrinth is on the WWLL. But, they have lost their website and the domain was bought by a church in Virginia. The address is 701 Secrest Ave., Belmont, North Carolina 28012

The basketball court is at the back of the property and the labyrinth is painted there. The paint hasn’t been refreshed in a while. But, it’s still usable.

Locals don’t seem to expect it to get much action.

He was having a video chat with a friend while he practiced and pretty much ignored us.

Chartres · North Carolina

First United Methodist Church – Belmont, NC

Pull into the parking lot and you can’t miss it. You won’t find it on the Locator, though. Nor will you find any reference to it on the church website.

The labyrinth, as the sign says, is under cover at the back of the playground.

There’s a water fountain and plenty of places to rest. There was even some hand sanitizer left nearby.

Copies of their explanation of labyrinth purpose and use are available, too.