Unity Church of Charleston – Charleston, SC

The Unity Church of Charleston on Leeds Avenue has a lovely Cretan labyrinth to the left of the sanctuary.


To my amazement, it is made of grass.


ALL grass.


There are little handmade and decorated pavers kind of scattered around and each corner acknowledges the 4 classical elements.  (I particularly love the empty birdcage in the Air corner.)

There is a swing between Fire and Air for post-walk contemplation.


The parking lot doesn’t go all the way around the building.  So, park where you find a convenient spot as you come into the parking lot.  The church is on a fairly busy corner.  But, it is far enough back from the road that I didn’t find the traffic sounds distracting.


Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital – Charleston,SC

P1010891The labyrinth is at the West Ashley location of the Roper St. Francis hospital group.  If you use your GPS to find 2095 Henry Tecklenburg Drive, it will take you to the Emergency Room.  Instead, go in the main entrance and look to your right.


This photo is a little close in.  There was a car behind me and my one handed speed attempt didn’t work. The picture below is what I got on the way out.


There is a really nice memorial garden with lots of paths and the labyrinth. You can get to it from the F parking lot.


The labyrinth is a full sized Chartres and it is accessible to everyone who can manage the gravel to get to it.


There is a gorgeous live oak shading it with a wind chime tinkling in the branches.


There’s a fountain nearby.


And plenty of resting spots in the shady garden.


It is very restful, even with the faint traffic noise from Hwy 526.

Dunean UMC in Greenville, SC

The Dunean United Methodist Church in Greenville, South Carolina, shares a little park with the Baptist church next door.  The Methodists installed a labyrinth.

It is a Cretan labyrinth made of stone, bricks and some stepping stones, surrounded by roses and nandina.


The grey stepping stones have been painted with black images of the Passion on Christ.  They appear to have been done by several people because the styles are different.  Some are line drawings and some are silhouettes.  The stone in the center has a Jerusalem cross on it.

Jerusalem cross

There are benches nearby and plenty of parking on  the street and in a parking lot.

Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.


It may have been the most convenient labyrinth we’ve been to.

that's me