Dancing Bear Labyrinth in Atlanta, GA

We were in Atlanta this weekend for a concert.  Before we left, we stopped by Dancing Bear Labyrinth to walk the labyrinth they have in the front yard.


I think it’s a Cretan labyrinth.  It was a little hard for me to tell the pattern because of the jasmine trellis in the center.  And jasmine in the center is a great idea, but in actual practice it got a little crowded.  You have to push up against it to walk the interior loop.

This isn’t a labyrinth for walkers who have any difficulty walking.  It is all paving stones.  And they are lovely.

Center stepping stones

But, because you have to push past a tree at the entrance,


and squeeze past the jasmine, you can’t be unsteady on your feet to use it.  There are seats for pre- and post- walk contemplation.


But, the center is standing room only.

standing in the center

It was easy to find, but my GPS did try to stop 2 houses too soon.