Martin Henry Design Art Studio – New Bern, NC

This labyrinth is in an open space behind the parking lot of an art studio on the corner of George and Guion Streets in New Bern. Unfortunately for me, the studio wasn’t open the day we were there. I like Martin Henry’s whimsical work.


The building faces Guion Street looking toward the Religious Community Services building on George Street.

I really like the way you enter the labyrinth at an angle. There’s a place to pause before you step on the path with intention.


It’s not hard to find. You just need to know to look for it.

Unity Church of Charleston – Charleston, SC

The Unity Church of Charleston on Leeds Avenue has a lovely Cretan labyrinth to the left of the sanctuary.


To my amazement, it is made of grass.


ALL grass.


There are little handmade and decorated pavers kind of scattered around and each corner acknowledges the 4 classical elements.  (I particularly love the empty birdcage in the Air corner.)

There is a swing between Fire and Air for post-walk contemplation.


The parking lot doesn’t go all the way around the building.  So, park where you find a convenient spot as you come into the parking lot.  The church is on a fairly busy corner.  But, it is far enough back from the road that I didn’t find the traffic sounds distracting.

Kerr Lake – Clarksville, VA

Linda and Jeff Stratford have a labyrinth behind their house on Kerr Lake.  The Locator says “Call for availability” and Linda responded with “Help yourself.  It’s behind the greenhouse.” when she checked her messages on her lunch break.

The road to their house winds back and forth through the country across the VA/NC line.  GPS works and their driveway is well marked..


The greenhouse is to the right of the house at the end of the driveway.


The labyrinth is in the shade and made of pavers with a bench in the center.  There is a wind chime tinkling somewhere, barely registering in the silence.


It’s not particularly handy to anything else. The footprint of Kerr Lake is not smooth. But, it was an easy detour off and back on the interstate and the drive through the countryside was restful, too.