I created a Santa Rosa Labyrinth © (designed by Lea Goode-Harris) in my back yard in 2006 with the help of my son and two girlfriends (one toted rocks, the other talked me through toting rocks). My teenager did the lion’s share of rock moving. My husband did the greater part of the mowing and weed eating. In Spring of 2010, my patient husband had the whole thing mulched and we replaced the rocks. It is available for walking by anyone in the area who needs the use of the space.

I found that walking the same labyrinth all the time leads me to some complacency.  So, I began looking for other labyrinths, mostly using the World Wide Labyrinth Locator that is maintained by Grace Cathedral.  However, not all labyrinths are easy to find, in spite of being on the locator.  And, I like sharing when I find interesting places.

So, this is not just a blog about the labyrinth in my yard.  It is, also, about other labyrinths I have encountered.  I try to find at least one when I travel and I welcome guest posts from people who have access to places I haven’t been to.

Please feel free to comment, ask questions or make suggestions of labyrinths I should try to see.

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  1. Hi! Rev. Anglin here, formerly of the Mill Creek Church. It was nice to see your post. You mentioned it is a full size, but actually it’s larger. Chartre and most copies are 42′ and that one is 63′ in diameter. I find that to be much better for walking with other people at the sane time as the 18″ pathway is so much better than 12″.

    I had to fight against putting benches in the middle! I also hated for the farmers to use RoundUp on it! Some guys would just spit tobacco juice on it, too. One elder would never even try it. But it gets considerable use. Thanks.

    • Thanks for the information about the size. I thought it was huge, but since it’s in such and open space, I thought it was just perspective. I’ll modify the post.

      I completely understand your not wanting to use Round-Up, too.

      The first labyrinth I ever walked was a canvas one in at the Episcopal Church I attended. The Senior Warden never walked it, but thought it was a complete waste of time for anyone else.

      Thank you for your input. It’s nice to “meet” you 🙂

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