How to walk a labyrinth

You’d think that would be self explanatory, but I have been asked that in the past. So…

The entrance to a meditation labyrinth is usually placed so that you go in intentionally. Not just stumbling in through an open door. Some people choose to meditate before crossing the threshold.

When you are in, move at the speed that suits you. Pause when you feel like it. Breathe. Look at the ground. Look at the sky. Whatever. Your walk is your walk. Bring a book if you are inclined (prayers, meditations, whatever works for you) and read at each turn or when you get to the center, which is sometimes called the jerusalem since this is a sort of pilgrimage. Stay in the center as long as it suits you. Move back out when it feels right and, again, move at the speed that suits you.

When you are passing, step aside to allow the other person room. Each taking a step or two over the “wall” to the right is usually enough. If you come up behind someone and they haven’t heard you, a quiet “excuse me” should be enough to allow them to move out of your way. It’s OK to step “over the wall” and back onto the path to allow a pass. Another way, if you see that a meeting is imminent, is to wait at a turn, where the path is bigger and passing is easier.

When you have come back out, take a breath. Meditate. Sit and think. You know what works for you. Do it.

If you are using MY labyrinth, there is a large rock in the center in case the ground is soggy and someone wants to sit a while. There’s a bench, too. If these won’t work for you and you think you will need it, you are welcome to ask me to put another seat there. I don’t mind a bit. If you want to do a night walk and the solar lights don’t seem like enough, I have plenty of holders and tea lights to help mark the path more clearly.

There are benches by the trees to meditate or contemplate when you come out.  You are welcome to use them as long as it suits you.


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