Williamsburg Regional Medical Center – Williamsburg, VA

The hospital is easy to find; the labyrinth, however, is unmarked. It is 8 circuits set in the pavement.


The labyrinth is on the right as you face the hospital.  Walk along this fairly nondescript sidewalk and there is a little garden with the labyrinth set in the middle.


And I have just realized that I didn’t take a wide view picture of it.

The center is very fancy.


There are a couple of benches, a small fountain and a couple of sculptures scattered around.




It appears to have been installed and maintained by the Green Spring Garden Club.

There is another meditation garden on the opposite side of the building, too.


St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church – Durham, NC

St. Stephen’s is in a neighborhood.  The address is 82 Kimberly Drive and I thought it is surprisingly big to be in a neighborhood.  I found them listed on the World Wide Labyrinth Locator on a day I was going to be in Durham.  I don’t remember seeing it before.

There is a parking lot on the right of the buildings and the entrance to the labyrinth is clearly marked.

DSC05591Follow the path past the Outdoor Chapel.

DSC05592Follow the path to the left and along the fence by the daycare playground.

DSC05602When you get to the end of the fence, you will see it through the trees.

DSC05594It is made of bricks and crusher run.

DSC05595There are 3 benches around it.

DSC05597It you continue down the path, there is a Stations of the Cross Meditation Trail.  I was hungry so I didn’t investigate that.

DSC05601I like that it is an easy ramble in the woods.  And there are some resting places scattered around as you go.  It doesn’t look wheelchair friendly. But, it does look like if you can walk at all, you can use it.

St. Philip’s Episcopal Church, Durham, NC

St. Philip’s Episcopal Church is located at 403 E Main Street in Durham,  NC.  They do NOT have their labyrinth listed on the WWLL.  I found out about it because a friend goes to church there.

When you walk in to the area between the parish office and the sanctuary of St. Philip’s, you find this brick paved courtyard.  All the way back is a columbarium.  Go all the way back to that walkway and turn right.


And you will see the labyrinth on your right as you go past.


But, to get to the entrance of the path, you need to walk all the way to the wall,  because, the labyrinth completely fills the space.  It is an Abingdon design.


The column in the center looks like it would hold a planter, or perhaps a flower arrangement on special occasions.

I’m not sure how this is used.  There’s is a memorial plaque on it and it is opposite the entrance.


This is the view out to the garden that you walk through to the labyrinth.


And this is the view from the center toward the entrance.


This plaque is on the wall outside the labyrinth in the courtyard.


And this is a water feature in the courtyard.


There is plenty of parking in the lot on the corner of Main Street and Dillard Street.  There is a community garden, there, too.