Boydton, VA

Boydton, VA isn’t particularly close to any metropolitan areas.  But it is a lovely little town with tons of 18th century architecture.  And a labyrinth on Finch Lane.

The house is on the left side at the end of a cul-de-sac and is a dog rescue location.

89 Finch Lane

The labyrinth isn’t in the dogs’ space, though. It is in a kind of divot in the fence.


Finch Lane is narrow. And there isn’t much roadside parking.

It's just past that pile of sticks.

But, the neighbor who spotted us and the labyrinth owner who said “hello” on his way back to work both assured us that there is very little traffic and our half-off-the-road parking was fine.

St. Paul's type

The labyrinth is in a shady spot and readily accessible. There are no benches or resting places. But, your vehicle is right there. GPS gets you there with no problems.


St. Paul’s Episcopal Church – Smithfield, NC

My GPS got me to 218 S. Second Street in Smithfield, North Carolina pretty easily.  But, I came up on it sooner than I expected and overshot.


I thought I could just loop the block.  Do you see any problem with that?


I didn’t.  Fortunately, no one was coming down Church Street as I was driving up it from the back.  And the 2 very nice parishioners who were coming out as I was leaving said it happens often.  They were delighted to find someone using their labyrinth.  It hasn’t been installed very long.  They told me that the woman who inspired the installation was a wonderful person and they were pleased that her memorial was being used by people who didn’t even know her.


St. Paul’s is BIG church.  The labyrinth is in the back and easy to find from the street.


There are instructions for how to use a labyrinth and a container of small rocks at the entrance.


It’s a Santa Rosa pattern.


And very easy to navigate.  But, you do have to get across the lawn to use it.

Unicorn Bereavement Center, Hillsborough, NC

This labyrinth isn’t on the World Wide Labyrinth Locator.  I found out about it from friends.

It shares a turnoff from Hwy 86 with the Orange County Sportsplex.  But, instead of turning left to learn to ice skate, you turn right.  There is a medical office complex immediately in front of you and, as you follow the road around to the right, you will see Orange Charter School, which I didn’t know about until now, either.  On your left is a hill with a house on the top.  The house is the bereavement center.   Further around the loop is a hospice.

This way!

Before you get to that, though, there is the Meditation Pavilion with a Santa Rosa labyrinth behind it.

Parking is to the right.

Parking is to the right.

Walk around the pavilion.


There’s a path to the right that leads to the labyrinth,

gravel and brick

It is made of gravel and brick.


There is seating to the left of the pavilion as you walk up from the road.


And there is seating inside, too.  It is screened and very pleasant.