Labyrinth near Alvarado Station and Abingdon, VA

What a disappointment.

My husband and I were on our way to the Abingdon Winery Tasting Room and passed a sign that said Labyrinth.  Of course, we stopped to have a look.  At first glance, we were stumped because it isn’t the shape of any familiar designs.  That isn’t necessarily a big deal.  Lea Goode-Harris designed the one in my yard and (obviously) I think it is excellent, even though the pattern isn’t thousands of years old.

Our first real clue that something was out of whack was the fact that someone had found it necessary to paint arrows showing the way in and out.  Which were not the same path.

I tried walking it, though, and found a nice memorial plaque on one side.

And this Celtic doo-lally on the other side.

I became irritated with the multiple guess pattern and skipped to the center.  The designer/owner called it a medicine wheel.  It is not the kind of center that you get to for contemplation/meditation/whatever you do.  It is a decoration as you wander around the maze, lost, confused and frustrated.  I supposed if you want to use it as a metaphor for Life, this could work, too, depending on the life you are being metaphorical about.


This is the medicine wheel.

This is my husband wandering around the maze.  And it is a maze. 

Sadly, there really is an Abingdon labyrinth design that would have been magnificent there instead of a do-it-yourself mess.

The next time we go up to ride the Virginia Creeper Trail, I will seek out this one instead.

Elizabethan Gardens, Roanoke Island, Outer Banks, NC

This was a little surprise when we stopped at The Elizabethan Gardens on Manteo as we left the Outer Banks.

You go up the cross and choose left or right.  Eventually, you come back to the top of the cross from the other direction.  If you don’t choose to come out, you just loop around and around.

It’s more maze than labyrinth, but it looks like a labyrinth at first glance.  Not worth stopping for on its own, but an interesting addition to very pleasant gardens