Episcopal Church of the Ascension – Norfolk, VA

The Episcopal Church of the Ascension is in a neighborhood at 405 Talbot Hall Road.  It is easily found and has a readily accessible parking lot.

At the end of the building, there is a basketball court. And there’s a sign behind that pointing to the labyrinth.


You can’t miss it.


There is a path of festive stepping stones leading the way.




There are is a Peace Pole nearby.



And an altar with more of the lovely stepping stones.


There is another bench to the right of the labyrinth that overlooks a tidal creek.

The creek is back and to the left.

The creek is back and to the left.

The labyrinth is easy to walk.


DSC06112DSC06113This is the only labyrinth we found in Norfolk on the Locator.  If there are more in the area, I would love to know about them so I can check them out when I’m there again.

Williamsburg Regional Medical Center – Williamsburg, VA

The hospital is easy to find; the labyrinth, however, is unmarked. It is 8 circuits set in the pavement.


The labyrinth is on the right as you face the hospital.  Walk along this fairly nondescript sidewalk and there is a little garden with the labyrinth set in the middle.


And I have just realized that I didn’t take a wide view picture of it.

The center is very fancy.


There are a couple of benches, a small fountain and a couple of sculptures scattered around.




It appears to have been installed and maintained by the Green Spring Garden Club.

There is another meditation garden on the opposite side of the building, too.


Eastern State Hospital – Williamsburg, VA

The Chartres labyrinth at the Eastern State Hospital in Williamsburg, Virginia is at the corner of Brower Drive and Schmidt Road.  Use 13 Schmidt Road in a GPS for the closest address.


But, there are no signs pointing the way and no real indicator that you have found it.  My friend’s description was “It’s at the back of the grounds where there are a couple of big fields.”  I spotted a low retaining wall and realized that must be it.

There is plenty of parking across the street.  And once you get out of your car and walk around to the entrance, it feels silly that it wasn’t easily spotted.

The labyrinth is made of square pavers set on a concrete pad.


There are 4 benches, one in each corner.


It is definitely wheel chair accessible.