Boydton, VA

Boydton, VA isn’t particularly close to any metropolitan areas.  But it is a lovely little town with tons of 18th century architecture.  And a labyrinth on Finch Lane.

The house is on the left side at the end of a cul-de-sac and is a dog rescue location.

89 Finch Lane

The labyrinth isn’t in the dogs’ space, though. It is in a kind of divot in the fence.


Finch Lane is narrow. And there isn’t much roadside parking.

It's just past that pile of sticks.

But, the neighbor who spotted us and the labyrinth owner who said “hello” on his way back to work both assured us that there is very little traffic and our half-off-the-road parking was fine.

St. Paul's type

The labyrinth is in a shady spot and readily accessible. There are no benches or resting places. But, your vehicle is right there. GPS gets you there with no problems.


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