Walther Avenue – Baltimore, MD

We were on vacation over the weekend and spent a day in Baltimore.  Baltimore has a lot of labyrinths and it was hard to decide where to go.  There were 2 that particularly intrigued me because they weren’t at churches or hospices or other expected places.

I finally chose the labyrinth on Walther Avenue because it was convenient to the rest of our trip.   I still regret not getting to TuTTie’s Place, but we were doing too much in a short time and didn’t make it.

The Walther Avenue labyrinth is described on the WWLL as “Octagonal shape designed to fit our yard” and that is exactly the truth.  There is no mowing here because the labyrinth takes up the entire front.


There are several kinds of thyme between the pavers.  And some other edible and blooming things.


There’s a nice bench on the back side.


And there’s a water feature, too.



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