Shakori Hills – Silk Hope, NC

My friend, Ursula, invited us to join them at the 2014 Hoppin’ John Fiddlers’ Convention at Shakori Hills near Pittsboro, NC. Shakori is a venue that has “come camp” music festivals at various times during the year. It is to the Piedmont what LEAF is to the mountains.

As we wandered around the grounds, we walked past the Peace Park up in the trees and my husband spotted the labyrinth.  There are balanced rocks and a rocky medicine wheel and rocks abounding in general, so I hadn’t been sure there was actually a labyrinth in there.  But, after his comment that it looked like a prime place for one, I had a look and found this:


Yes, there are a couple of trees growing in the path.  Or, more accurately, the path was built around a couple of trees.

This is the view from the center.


And this is the center.


There is some seating nearby, too, if you want to pause for contemplation before or after your pilgrimage..


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